Middle School

Learn to Love to Learn.

Greetings from ANPS Middle School. ANPS Middle School runs from grade six to grade eight. A variety of subjects are offered that surrounds different areas from Sciences and Math to Arts and PE.

Middle School at ANPS focuses on the 21st century skill and, competencies. We understand that a students’ future success is never limited to academic achievements alone. We work to grow our students’ self-confidence, independent learning, problem solving, leadership, digital
competency, decision making, time management skills, among many others.

The curriculum is built on students’ knowledge and skills acquired from the Primary stage, and it prepares students to confidently enter the Senior School.

We understand the importance of putting a program that incites balanced citizenship occupied with ethical awareness. ANPS Middle School academic and extra-curricular programs are planned to expose students into situations to implant in them the importance of values such as honesty, integrity, resilience, empathy, and accountability. It has been always a pleasure for us to see our students grow into individuals with high global awareness.

ANPS Middle School pride itself for a rigorous academic program that covers a variety of topics comprehensively and in a great range of depth. Occupied with the right resources and a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, our students have always excelled in national and international benchmarks such as PISA, Emsat, and GL assessments.

At ANPS Middle School, we believe that all students have an equal right of an outstanding learning experience regardless of their different academic levels. Our classes are planned to offer a variety of learning strategies for students of different learning profiles, and to meet their different academic needs. We also offer additional optional classes through the learning support department for students who require further help.


Head of Middle School

Mr. Ahmad Rai