Senior School

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.

Senior school starts from grade 9 up till grade 12. On the completion of grade 12, students graduate from school to pursue their university studies.

ANPS Senior School offers the students two programs to choose from and a wide range of subjects to accommodate for their different interests and future plans. Students can choose to graduate from school holding either the IB diploma, or the IAL subjects. Both programs are equally respected by Universities nationally and internationally.

ANPS Senior School students receive an outstanding education that confidently lead them to score very high in external exams. We pride ourselves that our averages are always higher than national and international averages by a respectful range. Our educational plans were put by professional educators who have years of experience in IB and the British System.

ANPS has built a great reputation for itself among the top universities. This is a result of our students’ excellence and quality of work during their university studies. Our students are always sought to from national and international universities. During junior and senior years, many universities visit ANPS to offer their programs and educate our students about the different options they have. We offer proper guidance for all our graduates towards the best possible programs based on their academic abilities.

At ANPS Senior School, we understand that a success is not only a result of high academic achievements. We involve our students in planning extra-curricular activities, and to take part in different school decisions, to teach them 21st century skills such as leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, teamworking, among many others. We pride ourselves to see our students growing into successful individuals with not only highest academic achievements but also the highest values, competencies, and skills.


Head of Senior School

Mr. Ahmad Rai