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Employment Type

Full Time

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Manages student enrollments, transfers and withdrawals.
2. Processes the required enrollment forms and information packages for new students and discusses the process with students and parents.
3. Completes all withdrawal paperwork for existing students including coordinating with other departments within the organization with regards to the withdrawal of the student.
4. Ensures that all students are enrolled in the Esis and School Management system and providing Parents with updated school information.
5. Communicates with previous schools, for incoming students, to get all relevant educational records, including following up with families in regards to immunization, birth certificates and residency documentation etc.
6. Prepares special statistical reports related to ADEK inspections.
7. Reviews student records and registration information to determine attendance boundaries, residency and immunization status.
8. Collects and prepares data for government reports.
9. Responds to inquiries involving registration, expatriate student registration and student records.
10. Works in Coordination with the accounts department with regards to registration and withdrawal of students.
11. Coordinating with the Heads of Schools with regards to new enrollments, class lists etc.

Job Description

The Registrar is responsible for meeting with parents and propagating the school’s vision as well as preparing for parent meetings conducted for informational and marketing purposes.

Qualifications & Experience

1. Bachelor’s degree.
2. Computer literacy in (Microsoft Office).
3. Should be fluent in English and Arabic (Written and Spoken).
4. Two years or more experience in a similar role.
5. Personal ability to maintain effective relationship with parents.
6. Personal skill to take part in shared decision making in team-minded culture.
7. Personal ability to accept suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism.
8. Ability to put long term plans and implement registration procedures.
9. Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.
10. Should be able to work with a team.

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